Hello, my name is

Dr. JIANG Meijie

蒋梅杰 博士

Doctor of Law
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

About me

Hi, there!

My name is Meijie (pronunciation [‘mei’dʒie]). Remember there is an E at the end (Don’t confuse it with Japanese dynasty Meiji). I obtained my doctoral degree with international mention at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. As a member of the research group on Public International Law and International Relations of Law Department, my research interests include China-Latin America relations, international relations, foreign policy, political discourse, media, etc. You can also find me at Orcid and google scholar

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish language and literature from Sun Yat-sen University (China) in 2014 and my Master Degree in Latin American international relations from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) in 2017. I am currently doing my thesis on the impact of institutions on the Sino-Latin American economic relations in the Universidad Pompeu Fabra. I am also a lecturer in the Department of Humanities, responsibles for subjects of the Master Program in Asia-Pacific Studies. You can check my latest publications and presentations. Feel free to leave a message for my CV and other information.

Apart from research and teaching, I love travelling and exploring the world. Have a look at the photos and see the world through my eyes!

My skills

Chinese (native speaker)
English (advanced level)
Spanish (advanced level)
Catalan (intermediate level)
Office software
Word (advanced level)
Excel (advanced level)
Power Point (advanced level)
Stata (advanced level)
R (intermediate level)
Python (beginner level)
SQL (beginner level)

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